Who is Dua Lipa and what is Kosovo like as she introduces the world?

British pop star Dua Lipa is originally from Kosovo, which half the world does not recognise as a state. She endeavours to make her country known to the world. I spoke to her school friend in Pristina. Who is Dua Lipa and what is Kosovo like as she tells the world? Meet the queen of Albanians

Kosovo issued an official stamp in her name. She became an honorary ambassador of the country at a young age. She also received Albanian citizenship. Together with her father, she founded the Sunny Hill Foundation in 2016, which helps talented young people and the poor in Kosovo. Then she started to bring world-famous stars to Kosovo with the Sunny Hill Festival.

Kosovo’s population is 1.8 million. More than 90 per cent are Albanians; Serbs and Bosniaks are among the other ethnic groups. The Ottoman Empire ruled these lands for 500 years after defeating the Serbs at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. After the dissolution of Yugoslavia, Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in 2008.More than 100 countries, including the USA and 22 EU members, recognise Kosovo as an independent state, while many others, such as Serbia, Russia and China, do not.

Kosovo is the third poorest country in Europe. The unemployment rate is around 30 percent. Kosovo’s currency is the Euro. They applied to join the European Union in December 2022. The negotiation process with the EU is expected to take many years. The EU report states that Kosovo is at an early stage in the fight against corruption and organised crime.

The President of Kosovo has made their positions clear: “Kosovo really is the most pro American and the most pro European nation on earth.”

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