Ordinary lives in Colombia: The story of the 22-year-old adult movie star

Colombia is among the most popular destinations in Latin America for travelers. However, economic problems and the drug trade do not leave the country. In a country of 50 million people who are struggling to make a living are trying different ways to earn money. Lucia, 22, who lives in Medellin, is one of them. She says she started acting in adult movies out of necessity.

Bahtiyar Küçük, Dünyanın Hikayesi: How did you decide to do this job?

Lucia: Two months ago I started making films for adults, well to try because the truth in Colombia is too difficult to start in this world. The first time I made a porn movie it was really out of necessity because at that moment I needed the money and well, it was a good amount, more than a minimum. But I loved this job, I really liked the job, doing porn. There are many people who continue to do it out of necessity, because … here a minimum is not enough. not at all, it is not enough. no, it has to be like, more than one person works, for example, in my case I am the only one who works at home, so I do a normal job .. a formal job because I never… never would have gotten ahead, never would have had the opportunity to achieve many things.

You can watch the story from this link:

DH: Do you think girls are forced into prostitution in Colombia?

Lucia: I think that is seen a lot nowadays and especially in the lower strata neighborhoods because of course, there is no shortage of people who want to take advantage of it. You see a lot the theme that people come with a lot of money and want to buy the girl and … very young girls. In other words, I am from the neighborhood and I had to see … see all that, how the mothers themselves sold the girls or, the girls, themselves ran away from school to … for all that.

DH: When did you first encounter drugs in your life?

Lucia: I started to see drugs and … all that around me since I started high school, since I started sixth, yes, first year of high school. 11, 12 years old, more or less… In school of course, there are the sixth graders, the seventh graders, they were the biggest from 11 to tenth graders when they left school smoking … or what they offer you. In reality he has been like the only friend of mine who has passed away, he died for that reason for “tuci”, the so-called “pink cocaine” about a year ago.

DH: Did you use drugs?
Lucia: With drugs, the first time was at school. It was an LCD. It was too strong, very very strong.. they called my mother. I have not tried everything yet. I have not tried that, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana. It was not something that I caught out of habit or habit, it was something that I tried but did not get addicted.

DH: What do you think of Pablo Escobar?
Lucia: I believe that the same, that is, if Pablo Escobar had not existed whatever, the drug problems would continue the same. I think Pablo Escobar is only a dark past, a dark past of Colombia… he does not represent us, although he has also brought many, yes, he also has his good things of course, as tourism has increased a lot now, although it is not a good tourism.

DH: How much money do you earn per month?
Lucia: Like, in porn, it is not like something fixed monthly, it is a contract and I do not know when another one has come out, right, I can get one today… and I won’t get one again for two months or leave one today and leave another tomorrow.. more or less… and … it depends on the type of video, the complexity.
300 to 500 dollars for the scene. That here in Colombia and being with a production company I don’t know about Mexico … or another country because, well, here they don’t want to pay almost anything.
We have a WhatsApp group where we say: “on such a day we are going to record” then as if to try to cut … also budget, we do not have that much budget. For example, we pay someone to record us and everything for a day.

DH: Do you have an interesting memory of your life?
Lucia: There was one, a Turk who wanted to make my slave. He told me that he wanted to be my slave.. that he wanted to kiss my feet.

DH: Who offers you the most?
Lucia: Most are from the United States and Arabs, in general.

DH: Do you have Turkish friends?
Lucia: I have never been but I have a friend who told me that there were some Turks who had parties and that they gave them rather everything.

DH: Turkish TV series are also popular in Colombia. Are you watching?
Lucia: (Elif, Turkish TV series) oh my mom, for a long time she was watching her, oh she was seen every day. I know she was a girl that she had lost, but I didn’t watch it.

DH: Does your family know you do this job?
Lucia: Well my mom, my mom knows. As long as my mom knows and everything is fine at my house. My mom’s has no problem.

DH: What are your future plans?
Lucia: I would not like to be recognized for porn. I would like to do business, I do not know, create something that gives me, but … not more porn. Imagine already a good old lady doing porn!

DH: Do you have a message for the Colombian government?
Lucia: Well, yes, they do, they have their projects and everything, but it is that it is becoming more complicated, also with the migration of neighbours, well, Venezuelans, it is going to be more and more complicated … because every time there is going to be more unemployment, every time there will be more need, so I think that to eradicate that, it is very, very difficult. Everything would improve clearly improving the economy.

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